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You've just arrived at the unleashed vision of Unleashed Visions, who is exploring the hidden microscopic world of art—the confluence of science and human imagination.

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Unleashed Visions is creating one of a kind art pieces with an innovative technology that will be sure to entice you. This confluence of science and art results in one of a kind pieces that are as unique as a snowflake. This hidden microscopic world of art is created from microscopic cystal structures that are no larger than the head of a pin and captured by a specialized photomicroscope. And while the process is what lends these pieces their uniqueness, their bold, bright and exciting visual impact is makes each work so memorable.

From soothing, calming pieces that are remincesent of nature's grandeur to haunting, eclectic works that will leave you speechless, Unleashed Visions' work is magnetic and irresistable. Unleashed Visions achieves this level of artistry by manipulating the evaporation process and forcing the crystal growth into various shapes and forms—a process Unleashed Visions has perfected over a decade.

You'll discover a certain charm in these wonderful pieces that transcend their humble yet highly technical origins. These are great centerpiece works for your office or reception room; they are powerful statements for any boardroom; they are conversation starters in any room in your house. Imagine someone marveling over one of Unleashed Visions' beautiful images, and then you tell them, "You know that's Coca Cola." Imagine the double-take: these are not only beautiful pieces, but they have an interesting story behind them as well.

The gorgeous display of colors in these pieces are achieved by a cross polarization technique that reveals the natural color of each crystal's structures. And Unleashed Visions goes even further by altering the crystal's color palette by adjusting light wave frequencies. It is sometimes hard to remember that these are not computer manipulated but rather all natural microscopic images. Unleashed Visions painstakingly extracts the essences from natural fluids or objects, vaporizing them onto a glass slide and then capturing the image with a high resolution microscope camera.

We invite you to explore these gorgeous microscopic worlds that Unleashed Visions has created. You'll find images that look familiar and yet unlike anything you've ever seen before. Unleashed Visions explores everyday things and returns with extraordinary images that will captivate any audience.

In our Southwest and Mountain collection, you'll find rocky windswept landscapes that will remind you of the sun-tinted land rolling out before you in the American Southwest. High, sweeping vistas that leave you breathtaken. Narrow crags, starry horizons, painted hills, majectic woods at the foot of imposing mountains: these are what are in store for you in our Southwest and Mountain collection.

In our Over the Counter Pharmaceuticals collection you'll find images reminiscent of alien landscapes or even Impressionist paintings. These are emotionally charged images that convey a sense of wonder. They are colorful, absorbing and mind altering. They are fantastical and yet quite familiar.

In our My Angels Collection, you'll find heavenly images that explore the intersection between the divine and natural worlds. These captivating images are bound to instill a sense of wonder and awe as you gaze at images that are at once both familiar and hauntingly strange.

Perhaps you're feeling a litte lighthearted and want an image that conveys a sense of fun and play. Look no further than our Tropical Fruit and Juice collection. These are images from fruit under a microscope that are light and airy and feature colorful explosions and sweeping frolicsome shapes. Bound to bring a smile to your face, these natural images are a joy to behold.

If you really want to explore the boundary between the familiar and foreign, then check out some of Unleashed Visions' Soft Drinks images where the crystal formation is influenced by the chemical extracted from Coca Cola. Some appear fractal, while others resemble a lonely rocky cliff face.

Other collections explore crystal formation with hard drinks, wine and champagne, coffee and tea, and New England Beer and other beers.

Everyone is bound to find something they find visually arresting and pleasing, a sure addition to any office or home, these one of a kind pieces are absolutely gorgeous.

We are also proud to announce that a portion of all sales will be donated to families receiving cancer treatment. This money will help support them, help with co-payments, transport costs, hospital bills and anything else they need. This is a cause we strongly believe in and hope this donation will—in some small way—be helpful to a family in need.

Please view our video on YouTube that displays a series of wonderful pieces by Mr. Unleashed Visions. These are just a fraction of the entire collection, but they are sure to give you a taste of these gorgeous images.

You can also find us on the Internet at http://www.unleashed-visions.com. Like us today to view our 2012 Artist Selection and to see America's landscape under the microscope.

If you find that the images aren't of quality for printing, then we will produce the images ourselves in our lab. All you have to do is send us an email with the file name, size, and medium to info@unleashed-visions.com. We'll respond promptly to all inquiries.

Please return often for new images and to join us as we explore the Microscopic World of Art—The Confluence of Science and Human Imagination.
For questions or special prices please send a request to Info@unleashed-visions.com.
If the image don't fulfill the quality for printing, we will produce the images in our own lab. Please send an email with the file name, size and medium to Info@unleashed-visions.com.